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If you are tired of dealing with bugs, mud, and grass allergens in your lawn or landscaping in Fresno, CA, consider installing artificial grass from SYNLawn Central California. Our exceptional artificial turf products can offer your home or business several benefits, including the ability to help you avoid pesky bugs, allergens, mud, and other problems that are common with traditional grass surfaces. Find out more about the details of these benefits below:

Understanding Artificial Grass

Artificial grass – or what some also call synthetic grass or artificial turf – is a stellar man-made material that looks and feels like authentic, grown grass. Yet, unlike traditional grass, our artificial turf is consistently attractive, low-maintenance, and highly durable. This makes it ideal for installation on residential, commercial, and municipal properties. Best of all, synthetic grass from us at SYNLawn Central California is unlikely to attract and house insects. It also does not produce grass allergens or mud, making it a cleaner and healthier surfacing alternative.

Kids playing with a ball on artificial grass.

Benefits of Artificial Grass Lawn: Avoid Bugs, Allergens, & Mud

For property owners in Fresno, California, there are many benefits of switching from traditional grass to artificial grass from SYNLawn Central California, including but not limited to the following:

  • Lower maintenance time
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Lower water consumption
  • Great, green appearance year-round
  • No need for pesticides or other chemicals
  • No weeds
  • Long lasting durability

Further benefits include that you are more likely to avoid bugs, allergens, and mud with synthetic grass!

Dog relaxing on artificial grass

Avoid Bugs

Most home and business owners in Fresno do not appreciate bugs infesting their yards. Whether it is ants, mosquitos, or other pests, bugs can be a real nuisance. They eat conventional grass, lay eggs, buzz around your food at the backyard barbecue, sting, bite, and so on. Bugs and other critters can also damage traditional grass over time, leaving patches that are not pleasing to the eye and may cost quite a bit of money to repair.

Fortunately, our artificial grass is not conducive to bug life. The synthetic material does not provide a comfortable or edible place for them to nest. As such, they are more likely to stay away when you have synthetic turf installed on your property.

Less Allergens

Traditional grass can be a major source of allergens. Not only does conventional grass produce grass allergens, but it can also trap pollen and other allergens in its blades. This can cause people and animals who are allergic to grass and pollen to have uncomfortable and unwanted allergic reactions, like sneezing, itchy eyes, and more, when outside.

Thankfully, at SYNLawn Central California, our artificial grass does not create grass allergens or attract pollen. In fact, our synthetic turf is easy to clean and keep clean, which helps ensure that allergens like pollen are less likely to be present on its surface. This makes it a more allergen-free grass alternative for homes, businesses, and more in Fresno, CA.

Woman sneezing outdoors near flowering tree because of allergies

Prevent Mud

Lastly, a conventional lawn can become a muddy mess after it rains or during certain times of the year when there is snow on the ground. This is especially true if you have children or furry friends who love to play in the yard. Unfortunately, the mud can leave a mess on the lawn and, later, get tracked into the house. It can also be uncomfortable to walk through.

Fortunately, our synthetic grass does not hold onto water; it is quick-draining. Plus, our artificial turf is not planted into the ground, so there is no mud that can be created when it becomes wet. This helps ensure a cleaner, more visually appealing grass surface for you to enjoy.

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By switching to artificial grass from SYNLawn Central California, you can avoid the mess, annoyance, and hassle that come with bugs, allergens, and mud in Fresno, California. Our artificial turf is also both visually pleasing and low-maintenance. This makes it a highly advantageous surfacing option for homes, businesses, and numerous other properties. Contact us today to learn more and get a quote!

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