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If you’re looking to install the best looking, high quality artificial grass in Palo Alto, California, look to none other than SYNLawn Central California. Our synthetic turf products can be seen in playgrounds, pet grass, artificial green walls, and putting greens. In addition, our turf is long-lasting, lead-free, and attractive. So when you choose SYNLawn to install your synthetic lawn, you can be assured the artificial grass will always be more beautiful and greener on your side of the fence.

Located just south of San Francisco’s Bay Area, the city of Palo Alto is part of Silicon Valley, an area generally reputed to be the tech capital of the world. Household-name companies such as Tesla, Apple, Google, Facebook, PayPal, and even computer giant HP; all call the general Palo Alto area home. Because the city’s workforce consists of a busy tech workforce, there has been a notable demand in the use of artificial grass for both residential and commercial sectors. It’s not hard to see why: synthetic turf presents a myriad of advantages for busy workers. These include its low maintenance, high return on investment, and eco-friendly qualities, among others. Let us examine each one in detail:

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With artificial grass, you never need to mow your lawn, mess with sprinkler systems, or spend inordinate amounts of time tending the lawn. Yet your lawn will look amazingly attractive all year long. All that is required in the way of maintenance is the occasional hosing down of the blades with water and periodically blowing the leaves using a blower (if your turf is overlain with trees or bushes). 

High return-on-investment

Lawn maintenance in Palo Alto can be costly. Due to California’s incessant droughts, many local and county officials mandate water restrictions. These restrictions, in addition to the scarcity of water, can result in incredibly high water bills. Add to that the cost of landscaping which is driven up by repetitive chores such as water sprinkler operation, chemicals, and the expense of manual labor.

For Palo Alto residents, installing artificial grass is the logical remedy. Once installed, the turf stays consistently green and immaculate despite inclement weather and foot traffic. This is a huge plus, given California’s weather and cost of living. With SYNLawn Central California’s artificial turf, Palo Alto residents experience a higher return-on-investment over time by eliminating recurring landscaping costs while enjoying a magnificently lavish lawn.


As mentioned above, artificial turf requires a tremendous amount of nurturing. This includes chemical treatments such as herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. According to leading experts and environmentalists, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers can contaminate water, soil, turf, and vegetation in addition to killing both weeds and insects. These chemicals can be toxic to fish, birds, beneficial insects, and plants. Additionally, diesel and gasoline-powered landscaping equipment emit toxic fumes, which not only lower the quality of breathable air, they can adversely affect the atmosphere. By doing away with your traditional sod lawns and installing an artificial grass lawn, you move away from using these harsh chemicals. You are benefiting the environment with your choice of an eco-friendly artificial grass lawn.

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SYNLawn Central California has been a reputable leader in selling and installing artificial turf for residential backyards, commercial establishments, pet turf, putting greens, and artificial green walls. We have spent over five decades perfecting the art of manufacturing high-quality, eco-friendly synthetic turf that looks and feels luxurious. Our artificial grass products incorporate high-end innovation that makes them durable regardless of season or time of the year. Contact us for your free consultation. Our customer service is ready to assist you with every step of the buying and installation process. Learn more about what has to be the most realistic-looking turf product on the market today!