Commercial Artificial Grass in Fresno, CA

Artificial Grass Turf for Your Place of Business in Fresno, CA

SYNLawn® provides synthetic turf products for commercial customers as well. Our landscaping turf maintains a perfectly manicured look year-round and is built to withstand heavy foot traffic. What better surface for common areas and commercial landscapes? You’ll also find our artificial grass golf greens in office spaces, hotels, apartments, driving ranges and more.

SYNLawn® synthetic grass offers a number of benefits including:

  • Provides a realistic alternative to natural grass
  • Easy to maintain
  • Drains at a rate of over 30L/hour
  • Up to 15 year warranty
  • Our grass is a biobased product
  • Significant savings on water bills and maintenance costs
  • Qualifies for water rebates and contributes toward LEED credits
  • specification in all CAD formats
  • Maintain perfect look and feel in all climates
  • Meets and exceeds all safety standards

Considering all of the above, SYNLawn® synthetic turf is a natural choice for your commercial landscaping project.

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How SYNLawn’s “Get the Architect Kit” Can Help Your Commercial Artificial Turf Project

If you are unsure where to begin, look no further than SYNLawn Central California’s Architectural Kit. This kit comes complete with turf and sustainable infill samples, so you can see the difference our products make. We’re confident you’ll be impressed, which is why we always stand behind our products. Let us know a little bit about your project, and we’ll send you an Architectural Box filled with samples of our best products.

Additionally, SYNLawn design files are available for download at CADdetails helps designers incorporate manufacturer-specific product information into their work plans. Our artificial grass design files seamlessly integrate into CAD work plans. 

Applications of Our Commercial Artificial Grass

SYNLawn Central California’s name is synonymous with quality and excellence. As a result, our products are commonly installed in the following locations and more:

Kids’ Playgrounds

Nothing is more important than helping children to remain as safe as possible while they’re playing. Most playground injuries occur from falls on abrasive, rough, or otherwise hazardous surfaces. SYNLawn’s playground turf is safer and more reliable than other synthetic playground turfs on the market.

Our artificial kids’ playground turf system is IPEMA-certified and CSA-approved for all playground equipment. With synthetic turf from SYNLawn Central California, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are playing on a surface that is non-allergenic and compliant with fall protection standards.

Mini-Golf Construction

Our artificial grass is also an optimal choice for commercial mini-golf course construction. Our surfaces look amazingly pristine, are exceptionally durable, and resistant to wear and tear. So when it comes to commercial mini-golf turf construction, we can transform your concept into a lavish, reliable, and low-maintenance reality.

Common Commercial Artificial Turf Installations

Our extensive history of providing unmatched quality coupled with exceptional customer satisfaction has earned us a steady stream of raving reviews. As a result, our commercial artificial turf is commonly installed in the following locations:


Increasing your store or business’ curb appeal can have a sizable impact on foot traffic from potential customers. Adding some green areas with our artificial grass is a cost-effective way to help your storefront look its best without spending any extra time and money on maintaining an outdoor green space.   

School Playgrounds

Our commercial artificial turf provides school playgrounds with several benefits. Most importantly, our turf provides your students with a safer surface to run and play on. This is because our synthetic grass is level upon installation and uses a multi-layered backing, which provides extra cushioning for running around or falling down. 

Apartment Buildings

Adding synthetic grass to an apartment building is always an excellent idea. These durable green areas can help attract potential renters who are looking for an apartment with added features. Plus, with artificial turf, you and your renters never need to worry about disturbances from loud lawnmowers. Our synthetic grass stays perfectly trimmed and green year-round.     

Gyms, Fitness, & Agility

SYNLawn Central California offers athletes and athletic facilities two specially designed kinds of artificial turf: SpeedTurf and TrackTurf. These two varieties of synthetic turf help athletes reduce muscle fatigue and risk of injury due to their increased shock absorption and reduced resistance. For athletic facility owners, our SpeedTurf and TrackTurf do not use infill, making them easy to clean and maintain.   

Mini Golf Courses

Playing a round of mini-golf is among the most entertaining, family-friendly activities in the United States. Our artificial grass is an ideal option for any mini-golf course. At SYNLawn Central California, our mini-golf turf is highly durable, making it more resistant to consistent wear and tear. This helps keep mini-golf courses ready for use more often while providing a fantastic playing experience for mini-golf customers.   

Benefits of Our Commercial Artificial Grass Turf

Here are some of the many reasons why our commercial customers continue to gravitate toward our high-end, commercial artificial grass turf:

Low Maintenance

With our artificial grass, you’ll never have to worry about traditional sod lawn care again. You can say goodbye to ongoing landscaping contracts and the associated lawn maintenance equipment. This is a considerable time and money saver for businesses looking to cut unnecessary expenses.


Commercial artificial grass from SYNLawn Central California is also eco-friendly. Our products do not require fertilizers or pesticides to thrive. This minimizes the level of dangerous chemicals polluting the ecosystem. Furthermore, our synthetic turf does not require any landscaping equipment. By eliminating the use of gas-powered mowers and more, our synthetic grass plays a vital role in reducing carbon emissions.

Incredibly Durable

Even with heavy use, our commercial synthetic lawns maintain their perfect luster. This is due to significant technological advances in the design and manufacture of artificial grass. Our team uses a combination of plant-based materials and other compounds like polypropylene to create a turf that looks incredibly lifelike and is highly durable.

Our Turf is Popular With Commercial Professionals


As more architects look to sustainable, low-maintenance alternatives to traditional landscaping, SYNLawn’s commercial artificial grass is becoming an increasingly popular choice. The SYNLawn Architectural Kit contains everything needed to get started on a project, from turf samples to sustainable infill options.

General Contractors

Commercial synthetic grass from SYNLawn Central California helps general contractors stand out from the crowd. With our products, contractors can offer their clients a combination of high-quality artificial turf at reasonable prices. 


Like general contractors, landscapers face stiff competition in the Central California market. They tow a fine line between providing excellent workmanship, affordable prices, and top-notch products. Commercial artificial grass from SYNLawn Central California helps landscapers achieve all three.

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Commercial artificial lawns from SYNLawn Central California are designed to withstand heavy traffic and maintain a flawless appearance in areas across Central California. Our well-designed and expertly manufactured synthetic turf produces lifelike and durable grass. To get started with your commercial artificial grass project, contact us today! We offer free consultations!

Commercial Artificial Grass Products

PET Platinum

SKU: ST343_PETS | Total Weight: 80 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*
PET Platinum

The ultimate artificial grass designed for pets of all shapes and sizes. With maximum drainage built-in, cleanup is a breeze. Ultra-durable Super Yarn™ construction eliminates digging, brown spots, and other common problems found in backyards and pet facilities.

PET Platinum Reviews

We have a small fenced in area specifically for our two dogs. The natural grass was a mess - mostly just patches of mud. We had our synlawn installed last Fall and have been grateful every day that we did. During this past hard winter, it has worked out great. When we have light snow flurries, the snow tends to melt on the SynLawn which is helpful. We are very satisfied so far with our purchase.
Author: Hunterwoman

I can't believe I didn't do this years ago! My dog has been making it so hard to keep my lawn looking good that I finally decided to try this and could not be happier. The crew did a great job and now we are all happy!
Author: chellebelle123

Ever since he was a puppy my Snoopy has been tearing up the backyard, digging under the fence. It's to the point where there was hardly any grass left. He's not a bad dog, just a very active one. By some stroke of luck I discovered synlawn and I'm so glad we put replaced our dirt (with a side of grass) with a big green lawn that looks amazing. Topping it all off Snoopy can't dig through it, tear it up or get under the fence any more, in fact, he doesn't even try. Now we're able to spend more time playing together and we couldn't be more happy with our new backyard!
Author: Mander

Looks great - Installed very efficiently - Installers worked to make it fit well so gate would swing open easily
Author: ND

This was installed on my neighbors deck first and I watched how it was installed and tested and then waited after the first rainstorm and retested then decided to order the same product. The installation we received was terrific and a great product - we enjoyed working with SYNLawn.
Author: Paul


SKU: SAX47_PETS | Total Weight: 100 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*

Excellent durability, max drainage, anti-static, and Sanitized® technology make this artificial grass ideal for pet play and agility areas for animals of all sizes. Easy to clean and beautiful year-round make this the perfect pet grass for residential and commercial applications.


Looks good, anxious to begin using. This product is the answer to months of research, on how to resolve our deck drainage problem.
Author: Bob

We have had our product now for about 45 days and we are completely happy with it. We live in a condo association with a very small fenced back yard and it was always difficult to mow and trim in such a small area. While we didn’t initially want to spend the money, we continued to research the product and finally opted to do it after all – and we’re glad that we did! No more mowing, trimming or brown, thin grass – it has been green since day 1 and looks great … no regrets here!!
Author: Glenn

PLAY Platinum

SKU: STX43_PLAY | Total Weight: 100 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*
PLAY Platinum

Our safest artificial grass surface for playgrounds and areas with high volumes of foot traffic. Super Yarn™ technology makes this turf safe for kids of all ages with heat reflective, anti-static, Sanitized, non-abrasive grass blades, and Class A fire-rating for fun all year.

PLAY Premium

SKU: ST343_PLAY | Total Weight: 60 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*
PLAY Premium

Extend playtime all year long in any climate with this remarkable artificial grass playground surface built using new Super Yarn™ technology. Sanitized, anti-static, and heat reflective properties allow children to run, play and roll around, all while maintaining it’s natural appearance.


SKU: SR200_ROOF | Total Weight: 60 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*

The ultimate artificial roof, deck, and patio grass for performance and safety. Nylon fibers provide a high melt, resistance against window reflectivity, and the highest-rated safety rating in the industry. ASTM Certified E108 Class A Fire-Rated, ASTM E648, F1292, F1951.


SKU: SAX47_ROOF | Total Weight: 100 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*

Our ASTM E108 CLASS A FIRE RATING makes this an ideal turf style for the most demanding roofdeck project. Weighing in at 100-oz and packed with Super Yarn™ technology, Roofdeck Premium is a sure to beautify any outdoor space while beating the toughest safety codes.

SYNAugustine 547

SKU: SA547 | Total Weight: 50 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*
SYNAugustine 547

USDA Certified Bio-based product using Super Yarn™ technology and renewable sugarcane to create a soft, environmentally friendly artificial grass variety that is as stunning as it is sustainable and economical.

SYNAugustine 547 Reviews

I had multiple companies come out and quote our back yard for turf. They were very competitive and with their coupon you just couldn't beat the price. The sales rep was wonderful and I didn't feel like I was getting a high pressure sales job when I went in the showroom. Install crew was great and they got it done in 2 days. I would highly recommend them. We had one small thing I called about after the install and they were back out there within a couple of days to fix and all is great! They stand by their product.
Author: Sabrina

SYNAugustine 847

SKU: SA847 | Total Weight: 80 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*
SYNAugustine 847

Pound-for-pound, the thickest, most dense artificial turf style available. SA847 is an ideal turf option for domestic Pet owners, commercial Pet facilities, and Golfers with a low pile-height, close-knit thatch, and realistic grass blades jam-packed with Super Yarn™ Technology.

SYNAugustine X47

SKU: SAX47 | Total Weight: 100 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*
SYNAugustine X47

Weighing in at 100-oz, this grass variety rises above the competition with its unmatched softness and durability. Multi-color Super Yarn™ grass blade technology and a dense thatch combine to offer a leading contender in its weight class.

SYNFescue 343

SKU: SF343 | Total Weight: 80 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*
SYNFescue 343

Offering superior dimensional strength and stability while remaining easy on the eyes and wallet. Incorporating Super Yarn™ technology, this landscape grass offers extreme flexibility and durability, creating the perfect solution for multiple applications.

SYNFescue 343 Reviews

The SYNLawn distributor installed the product in the front and back yard of our home. The crew arrived on time each day and worked diligently throughout the day. The finished result is fantastic! We are impressed by the number of motorists and pedestrians who pause in front of the house---as well as the number of compliments we receive.
Author: GBCOD

we have had this for a week and we love it! the kids love playing and rolling around on it. Now they are going to have a camp out!!
Author: christina1234

My wife and I have been so pleasantly surprised by the beautiful and realistic looking SYNFescue 354. My son, who plays lacrosse, is grinning ear to ear as his daily workouts are better than ever on the consistent quality turf. The product is durable, low maintenance and eco-friendly. I haven't run my irrigation system since installation and my yard service now only comes once a month to trim bushes and use a leaf blower.
Author: bunkyj

Bought this two weeks ago and our kids love it. It looks great and requires very little maintenance.
Author: anelson89

We put #354 in our "Mud Pits"....our so-called 'lawn' areas that surround our waterfall and have beautiful big trees surrounding them. Obviously, the grass never grew....and we put time effort, and a lot of money, hard work and effort into installing sod, seed, black dirt, lime, etc., etc...... No more! We are absolutely thrilled with the #354. We cannot say enough good things about Chris, our salesperson and install foreman who was so meticulous and careful to cut around each and every boulder. The lawn looks and feels real! We are so happy!
Author: Diane

Synlawn installed Fescue 354 in my front yard about 3 weeks ago. They arrived at 7:30 AM as scheduled and worked straight through until about 2:30 PM when the installation was completed. The team was very professional and courteous and answered all of my questions. Several neighbors have stopped by to give us compliments on how nice it looks.
Author: John

I bought this product a couple of moths ago and i have to admit that it totally meets my expectations. I decided to give synthetic grass as my backyard is right behind a water retention zone and impossible to grow natural grass due to moles,voles, mice name it! I wanted my kids to be able to go outside and have a place to play without worrying about the bad weeds or simply the amount of dirt left everywhere by mole tunnels. Well Synlawn delivers it and i am another satisfied customer. Not only that it looks real but it is clean, comfortable and close to no maintenance and most importantly no fertilizer, no pesticides and no herbicides which is a peace of mind for the kids when they play! I live in the Ottawa area and a special thanks to Synlawn Ottawa's Larry Roy and his team for the perfect installation, awesome! If there is anything i can suggest after my two month experience is that i recommend buying a bristle power brush for weekly maintenance especially if you are surrounded by trees as it makes the job much cleaner and faster as long as getting the fibre grain way up in the air which of course makes your grass look so real! Thanks guys!
Author: Pascal

We bought this a month ago and we have never been happier. I wish we would have done it sooner
Author: our yard

Ok where to begin, we took out overgrown disaster of a back yard in Brooklyn and ripped everything out. We added Synfescue 354 to the year, over 700 sq ft of it. Installation was not as hard as we imagined, the team arrived early on day one and worked late into the evening, then again the next day. The had to carry everything through the house in buckets, so considering that mess was negligible. The installation guys were very nice, hard working and did a great job. They were able to cut around a tree and make it look natural. So, it take s awhile to get used to the produce, for a start you have a perfect lawn, that admittedly, looks to perfect, I mean who's lawn looks THIS good, but when you get over that, it's really cool. It feels very spongy and soft on foot and lush. I would never have imagined writing that rubout a plastic grass, I mean all my friends laughed at me, then they saw the product, it really isn't your moms plastic grass, this actually looks real close up. We have had some pretty big rainfall since installation and so far it is draining as advertised, no pooling, very good.So, as it stands, very happy, so far so good but remember it's only been a week so early days.
Author: Malb

We had a gravel yard and replaced most of it with Synlawn. Best landscaping decision we ever made
Author: Siby

SYNRye 200

SKU: SR200 | Total Weight: 60 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*
SYNRye 200

Ideal for high foot traffic areas, this nylon selection is perfect for demanding projects, including playgrounds and rooftops. ASTM Certified E108 Class A Fire-Rated with HeatBlock™ and UV protection reflecting light, which can damage surfaces.

SYNRye 200 Reviews

"It has a natural color and texture that fools everyone that does not know it is synthetic. The lower layer of realistic thatch is the key to its natural look. I installed it myself and can truthfully say it was quite easy. A larger job might requireprofessional assistance."
Author: billquerque

We bought this and had it installed back in September and it is now March and we have absolutely loved every minute of having it. The dogs love it, the grandchild loves it. It is WONDERFUL! Everything about the process -- working with the Synlawn people, the installers, questions answered before, during, and after --everything was excellent, the people were friendly, very knowledgeable, honest, and quite helpful.
Author: Patsyanne

Looks much better than alternative synthetic lawns - passers-by could be excused for thinning it was real grass. 1 inch thick thatch provides good cushioning. The specs for this grass says it does not require infill & that is probably a fair statement; though the long blades do tend to stay down rather than bounce back in areas where you might have stood for a few minutes. Having just purchased this product my review is limited not knowing how it will stand up over time.
Author: Scottie

Only had it for a week and lots of compliments from the neighbors.
Author: ablack4004

We are very pleased with the installation of our new lawn! We've received multiple comments about how beautiful it looks!
Author: Phyllis

SYNTipede 243

SKU: ST243 | Total Weight: 60 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*
SYNTipede 243

When performance matters, this turf delivers. With a low profile pile height and heavy-duty Super Yarn™ grass blades, this artificial grass provides strength and resiliency not commonly found in competitor turf varieties.

SYNTipede 243 Reviews

This was purchased to go around a pool project we were building. Our customer was extremely pleased with your product.
Author: John3564

SYNLawn was installed at my office location seven months ago. There is a lot of foot traffic at my corner location. The product has maintained its appearance. I hear many compliments from folks passing by as well as from my patients. Needless to say, my water and maintenance bills have plummeted to zero since installation!
Author: GBCOD


SYNTipede 343

SKU: ST343 | Total Weight: 106 oz. | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*
SYNTipede 343

Offering superior durability in high foot traffic areas is what sets this artificial grass variety apart from the rest of the pack, ideal turf for a multitude of applications where durability and reliability matter.

SYNTipede 343 Reviews

I love you having green in my backyard. It's has been super easy to care for! My only complaint is that it reminds me of carpet. It is natural looking. But it is convenient, green year round, and easy to care for.
Author: Janedoe8791


SYNTipede X43

SKU: STX43 | Total Weight: 100 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*
SYNTipede X43

Created to meet the demands of architects and specifiers in search of high-performance artificial grass. STX43 uses unique omega grass blades in bulk, increasing the resistance to matting in high foot-traffic environments. Balancing the extreme durability with the soft feel of Super Yarn™ technology makes this turf variety among the top contenders for value and staying power.

SYNPro 100

SKU: SPY10 | Total Weight: 100 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*
SYNPro 100

Stunning realism at a budget-friendly value make this artificial grass a perfect fit for those seeking premium quality at a economical price.