Artificial Grass Mini Golf Construction
in Fresno, CA

According to fresh statistics, mini golf course construction has skyrocketed in California recently. One of the reasons for this popularity is that the sport was one of the few pastimes that were only slightly affected by the Covid-19 shutdown. During that time, golfers could practice their putting and chipping skills in the privacy of their own homes or businesses by way of private putting greens. However, if you want to get the most out of the game, you need a high-quality turf installer. SYNLawn Central California provides the best artificial turf for mini golf course construction in Central California.

At SYNLawn Central California, we understand how critical it is for artificial mini golf course turf to be durable and resistant to damage in order to be effective. Putting green grass is subjected to extreme weather conditions, as well as considerable foot traffic regularly. As a result, we ensure that our mini golf course grass is sturdy and tough. Our manufacturing process prevents any wear and tear on our mini golf grass, assuaging any concerns about the grass’s appearance being degraded over time. We also maintain its overall functionality, so you won’t have to be concerned about our mini golf grass providing anything less than exceptional performance and play.

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Rest assured that SYNLawn artificial turf for mini golf courses is engineered to be strong and highly resistant to wear and tear. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor applications. It’s not hard to see why SYNLawn’s artificial mini golf turf is a popular addition at numerous mini golf courses throughout Fresno and the rest of Central California. 

At SYNLawn, we’ve discovered that the ultimate golfing experience is directly tied to the quality of the turf. For example, even the slightest inconsistencies in the surface can derail an otherwise perfect putt. That is why we work hard and smart to ensure that our synthetic turf products are of the highest quality.

Benefits of Our Artificial Turf for Mini Golf Course Construction

Aesthetically Consistent All Year Round

In Central California, maintaining a natural grass golf course can be expensive due to the severe droughts and devastating water shortages that are common throughout the state. This causes brown spots and bare patches in the grass, which eventually leads to unsightly weeds. Unfortunately, it’s not made any easier by the severe water restrictions.

The solution is to install synthetic mini golf courses. Our turf does not require water and is unaffected by extreme heat. Regardless of drought conditions or water restrictions, it remains exquisite all year long.

Low Maintenance

We at SYNLawn Central California, having worked with various golf businesses, understand the necessity of producing turf that requires as little maintenance as possible so that business owners may save both time and money. With our synthetic mini golf course construction, you never have to worry about time-consuming, expensive, and labor-intensive chores like trimming, watering, seeding, irrigation, or chemical treatments. Instead, you can spend more time enjoying activities that you are more passionate about. 

Highly Eco-friendly

From the moment it rolls off the assembly line, our synthetic turf is constructed with environmental conservation in mind. Over time, we have leveraged innovative technology to replace fossil-fuel materials with plant-based components made of sugarcane and soybeans.

On the consumer side, our turf does not need chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides to sustain it. This means fewer toxins ending up in the water, soil, and vegetation. Also, the absence of fossil-fuel-powered lawn equipment means a drastic reduction in carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

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For more than four decades, SYNLawn has been a leader in the manufacture and installation of artificial grass for both commercial and residential golf greens applications. In addition to the unsurpassed quality of our turf, we provide continuing customer service to ensure that our customers get the most out of their experience. If you’re ready to place an order, please contact us now, and one of our helpful representatives will walk you through the entire process.