Artificial Grass in Gilroy, CA

With SYNLawn’s artificial grass in Gilroy, CA, you can rest assured that your lawn will last longer and function better than any other synthetic turf surface or standard sod on the market. Gone are the days when artificial turf used to look and feel “artificial.” With the help of our proprietary technology, our customers have testified that our turf looks and feels more lifelike than traditional grass. Today, our synthetic turf products are common throughout Gilroy in areas such as residential yards, commercial establishments, playgrounds, pet areas, and putting greens.

Below is a list of the numerous applications of our synthetic turf:

    • Artificial lawns

    • Landscaping turf for homes or commercial buildings

    • Backyard golf greens

    • Indoor putting greens

    • Playground grass, parks

    • Sports turf

    • Pet turf

    • Rooftops, decks, and patios

    • Residential and commercial applications

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Why You Should Choose SYNLawn’s Artificial Turf

SYNLawn Central California is proud to provide a wide range of innovative products to our ever-expanding customer base. This includes the most realistic-looking synthetic landscaped lawns in the industry. Whether you want to install an immaculate lawn in your backyard or a golfing putting green to practice your short game, our name is synonymous with quality and excellence. As a Gilroy, CA resident, here is why you should choose our artificial turf:

Transform Your Curb Appeal

Amid California’s persistent droughts, raging forest fires, and water shortages, Gilroy residents are well aware of how expensive it is to maintain a perfectly groomed lawn. Lawn care takes a significant amount of devotion and commitment on the homeowner’s part. Installation of artificial turf is a better option. You will never have to worry about your grass losing its color or becoming brown due to over-exposure to heat or fungus. Furthermore, your lawn will be the envy of both neighbors and passers-by.

Save Money & Time on Maintenance

Due to prolonged droughts, frequent water shortages, and California’s infamously high cost of living, sustaining an immaculate lawn can be prohibitively expensive. The average family spends more than 60% of its water budget on lawn care over the course of a year. Additionally, residents must sign up for monthly landscaping services, which can cost hundreds of dollars per year on average. Then there is the cost of water, sprinkler systems, pesticides, and even soil. 

With the installation of artificial grass, these costs will be eliminated. Install once and enjoy a lawn that never fades or wears out, regardless of California’s intense summer heat or water rationing.

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Conserve the Environment

Installing artificial turf as an alternative to natural lawns is a noble way to protect the environment. Unlike traditional lawns, synthetic turf does not require the use of pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, the toxic components of which have been linked to contamination of soil, water, and plants. Similarly, synthetic turf minimizes carbon emissions caused by fossil fuels like diesel and gasoline because no lawn mowing equipment is needed.

Great for Pets & Kids’ Playgrounds

Homeowners and pet parents will appreciate just how pet-friendly artificial turf is. For starters, it is highly resilient, making it nearly impossible for dogs to dig. Similarly, due to its amazing drainage features, it allows liquids to filter through seamlessly. This eliminates pet odors, discourages mud puddles, and prevents pets from leaving muddy paw prints throughout the house.

In addition, our synthetic turf is infused with nylon, polypropylene, and other plant-based elements, making it soft yet ultra-resilient. This makes it ideal for children’s playgrounds since it provides the required protection against injury.

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