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There has been a radical shift from sod lawns to artificial grass lawns in Los Altos, California. This has primarily been due to the many benefits accrued from installing artificial putting greens, synthetic sport turf, artificial grass lawns, playground turf, pet grass, and more from SYNLawn Central California in both residential and commercial settings.

Los Altos, CA is a serene city located in Silicon Valley to the West of Santa Clara county. It’s bordered by the Los Altos Hills to the West and Palo Alto and Mountain View to the North and East. This general area is known as the tech capital of the world and is home to some of the most iconic tech companies globally, including Google, Facebook, and Netflix.

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In addition to other luxurious amenities, Los Altos residents and businesses have come to appreciate the benefits of artificial grass landscaping as it provides a low maintenance and fantastic performing front yard or backyard lawn. In California, which often suffers from droughts, the water-saving features of synthetic turf are highly prized.

Further benefits include the fact that its low upkeep, cost-effectiveness, aesthetically pleasing, and eco-friendly.

SYNLawn Central California is considered one of the foremost retailers and installers of artificial grass in California and beyond. Our products result from over 50 years of concerted research and development in the synthetic grass industry.

Today, we have perfected the art of artificial turf manufacturing and installations. Check out our gallery, as our turf is prevalent in numerous Los Altos, CA’s yards, businesses, playgrounds, pet turfs, and putting greens.

Low Maintenance

Besides the occasional hosing down of the blades with water, artificial turf requires little to no maintenance. This strongly contrasts with sod lawns, which need constant trimming in addition to watering, nurturing, seeding, weeding, and even chemical treatments. Without these repetitive treatments, sod can succumb to intense summer heat, fungi, pests, and damage from foot traffic.

It can also lose its texture and develop unsightly brown spots, which can be difficult to remedy. On the other hand, Artificial grass stays consistently immaculate regardless of weather, season, or intensity of foot traffic. It does not wither, tear, or succumb to pests and fungi.


California suffers from frequent droughts. This necessitates tight water restrictions from local and county officials. As such, maintaining natural grass lawns can be very costly. Consider the fact that the average lawn utilizes approximately 55 gallons of water per square foot. This is an astronomical amount of water, most of which goes to waste.

Additionally, there are landscaping chores that must be performed regularly. These can include trimming, watering, nurturing, seeding, weeding, and even the use of chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. These tasks cannot be ignored or avoided in a place like Los Altos, where home values are a huge factor. With artificial grass, the landscaping costs associated with these chores are largely eliminated. Synthetic turf requires no water, chemicals, trimming, nor tedious and expensive landscaping labor.


With little to no maintenance comes huge environmental benefits:

  1. Artificial grass uses only a fraction of the water that traditional grass uses. This is extremely advantageous, especially in California, which suffers from frequent droughts and subsequent water restrictions.
  2. With artificial grass, there is no need to run gasoline or diesel-powered lawn equipment for hours on end just to keep your lawn looking nice. This reduces diesel and gasoline emissions, which have been cited repeatedly as the leading causes of smog and other atmospheric pollution. And since synthetic grass does not require the use of chemicals, there is no risk of ecological damage.
  3. Our artificial grass is renewable and recyclable.

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In Los Altos, SYNLawn Central California is your go-to source for artificial grass lawns and synthetic turf for residential backyards, commercial establishments, pet turf, putting greens, artificial green walls, and more. Our artificial grass products incorporate advanced, cutting-edge technology that makes them resilient and durable, regardless of climate or season.
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