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Enviroloc Backing System for Lawns in Fresno, CA

During the last four decades, SYNLawn has made giant strides in the design and manufacture of synthetic turf, including our new EnviroLoc+ Backing System. It is one of the most innovative and eco-friendly features of SYNLawn Central California’s artificial grass that is now available in areas across Central, CA, including Fresno, Bakersfield, and more. EnviroLoc+ products are designed to be durable and ensure that our signature synthetic turf products are environmentally friendly. 

Let’s discuss our EnviroLoc+ Backing System in greater detail and explain how it benefits residents all over Central California:

Close up of a synthetic grass lawn in front of a tan house

EnviroLoc+ Backing System

SYNLawn’s innovative EnviroLoc+ Backing System is more robust, cleaner, and healthier for you and the environment. Some of its many features include: 

  • Made in the USA
  • A fuller, more realistic look
  • Plant-based (e.g. soybean oil) – environmentally-friendly
  • Durable, 2-part woven backing for a fuller, more tufted look 
  • Lesser fiber loss over time
  • Antimicrobial – reduces algae, fungi, and allergen growth 
  • Extended lifespan 
  • Recyclable

Details on the EnviroLoc+ System’s Common Features

The new and revolutionary EnviroLoc+ Backing System is ecological, safer, and more durable. As a result, it is an excellent choice for residential landscapes and commercial applications

Below, we’ll go over the details of some of its most prominent features:


In today’s artificial turf market, many products rely on petroleum-based polymers in manufacturing the backings for their synthetic grass. To provide a durable but environmentally friendly solution, the team from SYNLawn now produces the EnviroLoc+ Backing System. This system utilizes soybean oil, which replaces a portion of the polymers typically used in production. In doing so, our EnviroLoc+ products are more eco-friendly and recyclable after their extended lives.  


Despite utilizing more sustainable resources like soybean oil, our EnviroLoc+ products are incredibly durable. The EnviroLoc+ Backing System uses a 2-part woven backing. This not only creates a fuller, more tufted look for our synthetic grass, but it also helps in reducing fiber loss over time. Ultimately, the EnviroLoc+ System keeps our artificial grass more resistant to wear and tear, meaning your synthetic lawn will look stunning throughout its long life.

Prevents Algae and Fungi

Natural grass can attract all kinds of pests, including microbes like algae and fungi. Unfortunately, the removal of these kinds of invaders can be costly and time-consuming for natural grass owners. The antimicrobial nature of SYNLawn’s EnviroLoc+ products addresses this cause for concern by preventing algae, fungi, allergens, and other microbes from forming. As a result, our customers can relax knowing their artificial turf is helping to prevent the growth of algae and fungi.

Artifical backyard lawn

Incorporates “Sanitized” Technology

To provide our customers with a cleaner and healthier product, SYNLawn created an exclusive turf partnership with Sanitized. As a company, Sanitized offers over eight decades of experience in antimicrobial hygiene and material protection. Their technology is safer and longer-lasting.

Through this partnership, SYNLawn’s EnviroLoc+ Backing System is antimicrobial. As a result, our EnvrioLoc+ products inhibit the growth of microbes such as bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, allergens, and more. This helps keep our customers safer, cleaner, and more comfortable when enjoying our EnviroLoc+ products.

Important Applications

playground on yard landscaped with synlawn


EnviroLoc+ turf is an ideal solution for kids’ playgrounds because it is exceptionally durable and cleaner. Our playground turf is optimal for schools, daycare centers, parks, and other recreational spaces where kids play. Its shock absorption affords those who play on it with added protection from injury. It is also a healthier alternative to natural grass because it helps prevent pests, allergens, bacteria, and more.

pet on yard landscaped with synlawn

Pet Turf

SYNLawn’s EnviroLoc+ technology is also beneficial for pet owners. Our antimicrobial EnviroLoc+ pet turf is cleaner and healthier for your four-legged friends. Our artificial turf also provides pet owners with easier clean-up and maintenance.  

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If you’re looking for environmentally friendly artificial grass that offers looks and durability, SYNLawn Central California’s turf with the EnviroLoc+ Backing System is the way to go. Our team provides our neighbors across Central California with the highest quality products and services, including synthetic grass built with the beneficial EnviroLoc+ technology. Contact us today for a free consultation or to place an order for your very own artificial grass project with the EnviroLoc+ Backing System!