Backyard Putting Green Installation in
Fresno, CA

If you’re an avid golfer living in Fresno, CA, and you’re considering installing backyard putting and golf greens, we can help! SYNLawn Fresno is a recognized leader in the manufacture and installation of artificial grass putting greens for exciting residential and commercial applications.

At SYNLawn Fresno, we will custom design a backyard putting green to meet your specifications. Give us a call to start improving your golf game in the comfort and convenience of your backyard.

Unparalleled Quality Golf Turf

We pride ourselves on the quality of our artificial turf, whether it’s artificial turf for landscaping or a putting green. The natural appearance blends seamlessly with the rest of your grass. We offer a wide array of solutions for beginners, occasional golfers, all the way up to professional levels.

With SYNLawn Fresno artificial putting greens, you’ll have performance quality on par with pro golf courses. We’ve extensively tested our putting greens, ensuring that you’ll have accurate shots and precision ball rolling. Our 100% super nylon greens are more durable than polypropylene competitors, so they handle years of usage and heavy foot traffic.

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Give Natural Grass A Pass

Traveling to a traditional grass putting green might limit the amount of practice time you get per week to three or four days per week. Of course, environmental factors like rain or limited access to sunlight also come into play.

Artificial grass can also limit your exposure to harmful pesticides, fertilizers and allergies. It requires zero maintenance and gives your home a significant upgrade in terms of aesthetics. Our turf products are also made with recyclable material to make the need for replacement easy.

Level Up Your Game

Nothing will help you improve your short game faster than having 24/7 access to your own backyard golf green. You’ll be practicing on the same material used by your favorite golf courses when you choose our artificial grass. And you will have complete freedom to practice at your leisure without any worry about time constraints. 

Get ready to experience golfing in a stress-free environment. Practicing that shot you’ve been trying to nail down will be easier than ever without other golfers waiting behind you. If you decide to invite anyone over to play, it’ll be an exclusive affair for family, friends, and neighbors.

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Made Just For You

We aren’t a one-size-fits-all company. Instead, we’re going to work closely with you to make sure your artificial golf green is exactly what you’ve dreamed of. 

If you’re like other happy golf enthusiasts we work with, you have a favorite golf course. We’ll modify your design to include slopes, hills, or any particular landscapes you want to practice on.

Save Money On Your Water Bill

If you’re used to performing routine lawn care maintenance, you know it takes massive amounts of water to keep grass looking pristine. In addition to taking a considerable toll on the environment, lawn maintenance makes your water bill climb sky-high. Artificial grass requires almost no upkeep. It also uses exclusive HeatBlock technology to prevent heat build-up and retain its natural color.

Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Studies show golf practice improves cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic health. Getting your daily swings elevates your general mood as well. We make it easy to bring that lifestyle to the comfort of your home with a backyard putting greens.

Our Quality Guarantee

Because of our exceptional services, we’ve been a household name in Fresno for many years. Our team has years of relevant industry experience. We specialize in design and installation, ensuring every solution we offer meets all of your needs. In addition, SYNLawn oversees every aspect of the manufacturing process down to the finest details. 

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Our grass products are all made in the USA using only the best locally sourced materials to create a resilient and reliable backyard golfing solution. We are confident enough in the quality of our products to provide you with a lifetime warranty on all of them.
We’re delighted to be your preferred partner for all your artificial grass needs. If you’re ready to take advantage of artificial putting greens or have any inquiries about our services, please reach out to us for a free onsite consultation!