Artificial Grass for Agility & Track Training
in Fresno, CA

Athletes in Fresno, CA deserve the finest artificial grass to maximize their performance and SYNLawn is happy to supply it!

When it comes to high-quality athletic turf, there’s nobody who provides a better product than SYNLawn. Synthetic grass may not be the first thought for athletic tracks in Fresno, but when the benefits are laid out, the choice becomes clear. Built to stand up to the rigors of heavy traffic and workouts, our TrackTurf and SpeedTurf artificial grass is perfect for Fresno athletes that need a reliable surface for speed drills and agility training. Specially engineered to absorb impact, our synthetic turf can help protect against common athletic injuries and is designed specifically with training facilities and weight rooms in mind.

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Speed Turf

Designed for weight rooms and training facilities with athletes in mind.

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Engineered to absorb impact helping to prevent common athletic injuries.

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Our SpeedTurf and TrackTurf artificial grass will help Fresno athletes hone their skills, decrease muscle fatigue, and refine their performance both off and on the field. While it looks and feels just like real grass, our synthetic turf also provides additional shock absorption, significantly decreasing the risk of injury while letting athletes train at their best. Since TrackTurf and SpeedTurf don’t use infill, they’re much easier to disinfect and keep clean as well, drastically reducing the risk of mold growth and staph infections.

SYNLawn’s artificial athletic turf offers several benefits, such as:

  • Reduced resistance and greater durability due to the nylon root zone
  • 5mm rubber padding to better absorb impacts, protecting against injury
  • Easy clean-up and maintenance due to no infill
  • No seams at critical stress points, since lines are tufted into the turf
  • Able to stand up to rigorous wear and foot traffic
  • 9-year manufacturer warranty

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SKU: SYNSP | Total Weight: 58 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*

SYNSport Reviews

I manage a golf entertainment driving range facility and are super happy with the results after having this turf installed. It's amazing how incredible the range looks now that we have multi-color turf creating the targets and greens, it's a dramatic improvement over the plain jane boring field we had before. Our clientele nearly tripled since installing. Thank you Synlawn.
Author: Jeff R

My design team have returned to spec in this grass in multiple projects from residential lawns to extra large commercial applications. There are so many uses for a versitile turf style such as this, our clients love it too.
Author: Kim S

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SYNLawn’s SpeedTurf is perfect for agility and strength training, making it the surface of choice for indoor shot-put/hammer training, gyms, weight rooms, sled pulls, tennis courts, soccer fields, and batting cages. TrackTurf is the surface of choice for athletes involved in agility training and track and field, and is designed to stand up to repeated impacts and vigorous workouts. If you’re ready for the best artificial grass available for Fresno athletes, call (866) 994-7861 or contact us online for a FREE quote!