Artificial Grass for Fresno, CA
Daycares & Schools

At SYNLawn Central California, our team provides superior artificial turf for residential and commercial clients in Fresno, CA and other Central California communities, including daycares, schools, and other childcare facilities. Our artificial grass and synthetic turf products offer our customers a variety of benefits. Our artificial turf is stunning, durable, low maintenance, and more! These advantages make our safer and healthier playground turf an ideal surfacing option for children at daycares and schools.

Attractive to Clients and Parents

Artificial grass from SYNLawn Central California is ultra-realistic. Its appearance is luscious, full, and green, and it is also soft to the touch. Unlike natural grass and other playground surfacing alternatives, such as wood chips and sand, synthetic turf has a consistent appearance. It does not commonly experience bald spots, brown patches, or build-up in certain areas but not in others. Artificial grass maintains its perfectly trimmed, green appearance throughout its long life and is less susceptible to becoming uneven and creating trip hazards. This makes it an attractive option for clients and parents looking for safer daycares or schools for their children.

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Healthier Playing Surface

The health and safety of children are always crucial for schools in daycares in Fresno, California and anywhere else. Fortunately, synthetic turf from SYNLawn Central California is a healthier surface for children to play on. When paired with our EnviroLoc+ Backing System, our artificial grass becomes antimicrobial. As a result, our turf helps prevent the formation of numerous microbes, including bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold, mildew, fungi, algae, and more. Ultimately, this makes our synthetic turf a cleaner and therefore healthier surface for children to enjoy in daycare or school settings. 

Safer Playing Surface 

Not only is artificial grass from SYNLawn Central California a healthier surfacing material, but it is also a much safer one. Typical playground surfaces, such as natural grass, sand, and wood chips, can be harmful to playing children. Natural grass is susceptible to wear and tear and can easily have holes, which often creates trip hazards. Artificial turf, on the other hand, is durable and cushioned. As a result, it is less likely to be damaged and create hazards while also providing children with a softer surface to run, jump, tumble, and even fall on. Ultimately, this can help keep them safer while playing at daycare, school, or another kind of childcare facility. 

playground on yard landscaped with synlawn


Artificial turf can be an exceptionally cost-effective investment for daycares and schools, especially in Central California communities like Fresno, CA. Unlike natural grass and other surfacing materials, synthetic grass is incredibly low maintenance. Typically, natural grass requires consistent watering, trimming, mowing, fertilizing, and more to maintain its appearance. Other materials like sand and wood chips also require maintenance to ensure an even or at least semi-even surface. 

Thankfully, artificial turf does not have these same requirements. It does not need watering, mowing, or other common lawn maintenance activities to maintain its appearance and ability to be enjoyed by children while on a playground. As a result, daycares and schools can reduce their landscaping and maintenance costs after installing our artificial grass or playground turf. This makes our artificial turf a cost-effective alternative to natural grass and other surfacing materials for children’s indoor or outdoor play areas. 

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Artificial turf from SYNLawn Central California is an advantageous and cost-effective surfacing material for daycares and schools to install in Fresno, CA and other Central California communities. Our synthetic turf is attractive, durable, and low maintenance. It is a much safer and healthier alternative to natural grass and other playground surface materials due to its added cushioning and the addition of the EnviroLoc+ antimicrobial backing. As a result, our playground turf and artificial grass products can be a benefit for children at daycares and schools.

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