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Artifical backyard lawn

There has been a notable demand for artificial grass in CA, and SYNLawn Central California continues to be the trusted provider and installer. Central California weather is internationally renowned for its warm, hospitable summers and very mild winters. Besides being one of the most prolific agricultural regions of the United States, it is also a fantastic place to live. The ability to enjoy the tremendous weather year-round explains why there is a spike in the sale and installation of artificial grass for backyard use.

From sports to putting greens to pets, playgrounds, and lawns in general, there are a wide variety of ways that synthetic grass can boost your lifestyle within Central California. So whether you live in cities such as Bakersfield, Delano, Fresno, or another town in the area, keep on reading to see all of the ways in which artificial grass can make your time in the sun that much better.

Artifical putting green

Artificial Putting Greens

Given its warm Mediterranean climate, it’s no shock that golf is a prevalent sport in Central California. Having an artificial putting green turf right in your backyard is an extremely convenient way to not only enjoy playing golf whenever you want to but to also get outdoors and enjoy some exercise and fresh air. With artificial golf grass located right outside your house, you no longer have to make the effort to drive all the way to a golf course just to play—by simply walking out your backdoor, you’ll be able to immediately practice your putting game.

Another great aspect about synthetic golf turf from SYNLawn Central California is that it looks and functions similarly to professional golf grass. The similar texture it has to golf grass used on PGA tours means that unwanted things such as ball wobble are reduced, which gives you more consistent practice. Synthetic golf turf is also highly durable and able to withstand prolonged foot and golf-cart traffic. Additionally, golf turf is fully customizable, so whether you want it to stay simple or have challenging slopes and undulations, we can craft it to suit your needs.

synthetic agility training turf in california

Synthetic Sports Turf

Artificial sports turf is also widely popular for a wide variety of sports in Central California. This includes baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and golf. Artificial sports turf is not only able to stand up to the rigors of all of these sports as athletes practice and improve, but it is also great for reducing impact and preventing injuries. So whether you are a family of athletes and running back and forth on it all day or lifting weights on it, our synthetic sports grass will allow everyone to play their sport and help them be safe. Furthermore, synthetic sports grass is simple to mitigate bacteria and microbes, meaning that there is far less risk of staph infections and mold growth.

residential artificial lawn installation in California

Artificial Grass Lawns

Perhaps the most noticeable thing about an artificial grass lawn is its beauty. Its radiant green look will easily impress neighbors and anyone you have over your house that happens to see it. It’s also excellent at maintaining its beauty, given how low maintenance and durable it is. Taking care of it requires minimal effort, as you’ll never need to mow it, add chemicals to it, deweed it, or water it. Essentially, it will constantly look like a grass lawn that is closely monitored and kept in prime condition. Never again will you have to worry about unsightly brown spots or dry patches appearing in your yard.

playground yard landscaped with synlawn
playground yard landscaped with synlawn

Synthetic Playground Turf

Artificial playground turf is ideal for keeping kids safe when they play on the playground in your backyard. On playgrounds, safety is of the utmost concern, which is why synthetic playground turf comes with extra padding for greater shock absorption. Because of its enhanced shock absorption, injury risks from things such as trips and falls are substantially reduced. Furthermore, playground turf is also able to keep itself from getting too hot, even during the hottest days in Central California. 

Artificial Pet Turf & Dog Grass

You want your furry friend to not only enjoy their time running around in your backyard but to also be safe. With artificial pet turf created by us at SYNLawn Central California, you get both of those benefits. Because artificial pet turf is so robust, it can withstand dogs of any size trying to dig into it, which not only prevents your yard from becoming covered with holes but also prevents your dog from digging out and escaping. Also, synthetic dog grass is antimicrobial, odor-resistant, drains pet urine fast, and is simple to clean pet waste off of. Pets will be able to play comfortably on it all day long, as the pet turf can cool itself down during hot days so paws won’t become burnt.

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