How Artificial Grass for Your Front Lawn Increases Curb Appeal & House Value in Fresno, CA

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In this blog post, we detail the ways an artificial lawn from SYNLawn Central California increases your curb appeal and house value in Fresno, California. 

Lawns in Fresno require tons of maintenance. They must be hydrated almost year-round to prevent them from turning brown. You also cut the lawn regularly and depending on how large your yard is, that can take an entire afternoon.

An artificial lawn installed by SYNLawn Central California is much more effective for homes in Fresno. Artificial turf doesn’t turn yellow, and it is beautifully manicured year round, which can increase your curb appeal and property value.

Installing a high quality artificial lawn makes a big difference when it comes time to sell your house. 

Brown/Yellow Lawns Decrease Property Value

When you see a yellow lawn, what’s the first thought that comes into your mind? For us, it’s “is this house abandoned?” In Fresno, you can find unattractive, dead lawns due to low rainfall. 

Anyone who doesn’t invest big money on irrigation and watering the grass at least once a week is threatened with a lawn that looks more like hay than grass. This can impact your home’s value as everyone finds brown/yellow grass yards unattractive. And potential buyers may associate traditional grass with more work. 

A poorly maintained lawn results in more money out of your pocket. If you don’t maintain it, then you hurt your home’s value and your wallet.

Lower Maintenance & Higher Reward

Potential homeowners are aware of the extra labor that goes with purchasing a property. If you have a pool, then the first thing a person will think is, “how will I maintain this pool, and how much will it cost.” The same applies to natural lawns. 

People immediately calculate the cost of watering and landscaping maintenance or the time it takes them to do it themselves. You can guarantee this results in them asking for a lower price on the entire property. 

An artificial lawn has the opposite effect. People see it as a relief from an extra burden and costs. They know they won’t need to spend time or money watering and mowing the lawn and are more likely to pay more for the home. 

Artificial Grass Creates More Opportunities for Your Outdoor Space

Unless you’re planning on building an organic football field, there aren’t many options for what you can do with an all-grass lawn. You can place furniture and other things there, but they kill the grass underneath.

Artificial grass leads to many creative outdoor designs and features. First of all, any seating or other activity space you build on top of it won’t destroy the turf underneath. The artificial grass flattens and then pops into place as soon as you remove the item. 

Artificial turf is an excellent choice for playgrounds. If you have children, build them a gym set or playground on top of the artificial grass. It has the same safety features as wood chips or other soft materials. It protects them if they fall. 

Our synthetic grass is incredible for building a putting green or even a full fledged mini golf course.

Front yard of San Jose home with artificial grass installed

Less Wear and Tear

Regardless of how strong your lawn is, it’s always vulnerable to a hole here or a tire mark there. Artificial grass lawns are more durable than organic grass.

Having a lawn without holes and unsightly brown sections is crucial for curb appeal. Home buyers want to see pristine green grass with no imperfections. This is easily achievable with artificial grass. It’s close to impossible with a traditional lawn without hours of time, maintenance and money! 


If you own a home in Fresno, then you should invest in artificial grass. It is always beautifully green and neat, you won’t spend hours maintaining it and it’s highly durable. Install an artificial grass lawn today with SYNLawn Central California, get a free consultation with our teams of professionals!