5 Top Features of Synthetic Grass Installation in California

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Close-up of artificial grass in front of a California home.

Artificial turf in California has a beautiful look all year round, but there are so many other reasons to consider SYNLawn installation. Our synthetic grass comes with a plethora of useful features that will allow you to save time and money on yard upkeep and make your Fresno home much safer and manageable.

No maintenance

The greatest advantage that property holders see from SYNLawn installation is the amount of money they save on lawn upkeep. By and large, the average family in America utilizes more than 66% of their month to month water utilization on the yard. This squanders water and is extremely costly. Since fake grass doesn’t require watering, cutting, seeding, or treating, you won’t need to stress about overspending a great deal on maintenance. Spare your time by introducing fake grass into your California home. Invest more energy unwinding or spending time with your family in your outside area as opposed to wasting precious hours on maintaining natural grass.


Allergies are a major natural grass problem. Replacing natural grass with synthetic grass will greatly reduce your symptoms! Artificial grass is made using nylon fibers that don’t capture pollen from trees as natural grass blades do. Your artificial lawn will serve as a defensive barrier. A quick rinse can wash away any pollen which may have blown into the yard with a hose. Enjoy more time in your California backyard with artificial grass.

Odor control

Each synthetic grass installation comes with an odor-controlling infill. Our infill reduces the odors caused by waste by 80% by preventing ammonia from turning into gas. An added advantage of our infill is that it will keep your grass cool to the touch and will not obstruct the drainage system. Your artificial grass will not only look great but it will also smell great!

Drainage system

Our industry-leading drainage system eliminates moisture at a rate of up to 90-inches per hour, so waterlogged grass will never be a problem. Gone are the days of worrying about your children slipping on wet grass or about your pets tracking muddy paw prints into the house. Synthetic grass will never become muddy or slippery even during the rain heavy months in California.

HeatBlock™ Technology

Even during a sunny summer in California, our fake grass is still cool to the touch. HeatBlockTM Technology can keep your turf safe for use throughout the year, no matter the weather. Let the kids and pets run around barefoot on the grass, it’ll be cool and comfortable for everyone!

Experience all the wonderful advantages that come with the installation of synthetic grass. Contact us today to get started on your artificial grass project!