Why You Should Install Artificial Grass on Your Roof

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We believe in versatility at SYNLawn Fresno. Artificial grass can take many forms in your California home. Unconventional uses of synthetic grass can transform a space in ways you never thought possible. Here are some of the benefits of installing our turf in unique places like rooftops or decks.

Be Unique

One of the best places to install our artificial grass is on a rooftop or deck. Since our turf doesn’t require any soil or lawn care, you can install it virtually anywhere. By having grass flooring several stories up or where grass doesn’t naturally grow, it allows you to create a unique and inviting space. Your area can have as little or as much greenery as you please. SYNLawn Fresno shapes the turf to match your existing space. Create a full lawn effect or contain the grass to one area with SYNLawn installation!

Be Safe

Having a barefoot-friendly rooftop or patio is ideal for pets and children. Our synthetic grass provides an alternative to traditional decking or roofing that is soft and stays cool to the touch, even in the hottest temperatures. The California sun can be strong and if you are spending a good amount of time on your rooftop, having a surface that won’t burn your feet or give off a lot of heat is a lifesaver. Our turf also features drainage technology that will leave your grass dry and anti-slip anytime it rains, or you need to clean your space with a hose.

Be Cost Savvy

Since our turf drains quickly and efficiently, there will never be any excess water to damage or deteriorate your roof or deck. Therefore, no extra costs will be needed to fix your area. Our HeatBlock™ Technology protects your space from prolonged exposure to sunlight which can degrade materials and require pricey maintenance as well. Lastly, our grass is a light-weight alternative for heavy flooring that could damage older roofs, so you won’t have to pay for a complete remodel of your space.

Be Creative

Don’t limit your synthetic grass installation to one space. Consider places like a terrace or a garden to create a relaxing and beautiful oasis. We encourage you to play around with different shapes to embed in your patio for an interesting and dynamic installation. The possibilities are endless when you choose SYNLawn Fresno for rooftop grass design and installation services.

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