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Artificial turf has paved the way for modern residential playground surfaces in California over the years, and SYNLawn synthetic products have gradually replaced grass and other surfaces that are unsuitable for kids to play on. The safety features, low maintenance costs, excellent drainage, and resistance to pests and allergens are just a few of the benefits. Let’s discuss these benefits in further detail.

Why Artificial Turf is the Ideal Choice for Family Play Areas

SYNLawn is devoted to offering customized artificial playground turf solutions for family play spaces in California. Besides being reasonably priced, simple to install, long-lasting, and visually pleasing, our turf is also safe and comfortable to walk and play on.

Safety Features

Even on the most secure playgrounds, children will inevitably slip and fall. To prevent them from sustaining severe injuries, we utilized EnviroFill Antimicrobial Infill in our playground turf. The plant-based Fall PadTM Underlayment includes shock-absorbing padding that protects kids from falls of up to 10 feet.

Synthetic playground turf also has a longer lifespan than traditional grass. Our turf is a great alternative to natural grass, which might be inhospitable to children at times. Regardless of the intensity of weather or use, it maintains its exquisite texture and impeccable quality.

Low Maintenance

While a well-kept family play area or yard is an incredible asset to a home, it can be prohibitively expensive to maintain. For example, natural grass necessitates regular mowing, watering, seeding, edging, weeding, and trimming, not to mention irrigation and installing water sprinkler systems, many of which are expensive.

Natural grass maintenance chores are exacerbated by the hot, dry weather that is characteristic of many parts of California. Lack of rain and intense sun can damage natural grass and raise the cost of maintaining playgrounds and lawns.

The evident approach is to install artificial grass. The turf looks stunning all year and requires little to no watering. While installation requires an initial investment, it more than pays for itself in the long run.

Excellent Drainage Features

Artificial grass is well-known for its superior drainage capabilities. Liquids can filter through the material due to their outstanding building components and porous nature. This reduces the formation of water puddles, which is especially important after it rains. Given how difficult it is to keep a clean house after children have played in the mud, parents especially appreciate this. Furthermore, because the turf drains so well, it does not take long for the surface to be ready for use, even after a heavy rainstorm.

Creates a Healthier Playing Environment

For decades, natural grass has long been the preferred surface for most family play areas and spaces. However, this is rapidly changing. Artificial turf is becoming increasingly popular among residential customers looking to enhance their family play areas. The absence of fleas, mold, fungal spores, and other allergy-causing substances makes it a superior alternative to real grass. As a matter of fact, according to a recent study, extended exposure to fungi in natural grass playgrounds can increase the chance of asthma in children. Artificial grass provides a far healthier environment for them to play in.

Why Choose SYNLawn California

With over 45 years of experience and over 300,000 professional installations, SYNLawn has earned an industry-wide reputation for excellence and 100 percent client satisfaction. In addition, our turf is backed by the industry’s most advanced Enviroloc Backing System, which incorporates HeatBlock Technology. This provides its exceptionally robust properties, making it ideal for commercial and home family play areas.

All of our goods come with a full manufacturer’s warranty as a demonstration of our unwavering dedication to excellence. To learn more about transitioning your lawn to artificial grass, please contact our team of professionals.

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